Immunizations and TB Testing

Routine immunization schedules change from time to time, so it's important to review your immunization record regularly. When you come to the Health Service, remember to bring your immunization records with you.   Read more about recommended immunizations.  Injections/TB Tests may be done during our regular hours and no later than 30 minutes before closing.

TB Testing

Students who are in high-risk categories (e.g. students or members of one of the health professions, or those travelling in areas where TB is endemic) are particularly vulnerable and are strongly advised to have annual TB testing. 

Updated:  Effective August 2, 2011 students needing University of Toronto school mandated TB testing (professional programmes e.g. Dentistry, medical, nursing) or school-related placement will be charged for documentation only-$5.00.

There is no change to the policy for non-mandated TB testing (e.g. volunteer, third party requests). Fees remain at $20.00 for 1st step and $10.00 for 2nd step-includes documentation.


TB testing may require a two-step process:

If the first test (step one) is negative, you may need a second visit/test (step two).
The fee for the first test/step is $20.00, and the fee for the second (if required) is $10.00. 

Dropping in for a TB test?  4 Easy Steps:

1) Book your appointment during our TB Clinic Days. If you miss the Clinic Days, drop in -

    you do not require a DOCTOR's Appointment.
2) Check in at Cashier/Accounts window
3) Wait in the Reception Waiting Area until your name is called.
4) Present the receipt to the nurse.

For more information on Tuberculosis: It's Your Health.


Certain aspects of university life may put you at higher risk for some illnesses.  You may want to speak to your family doctor or one of the nurses or doctors at the Health Service about whether your immunization is up to date (see recommended immunizations). Some vaccinations are available free of charge:

Immunizations for which there is a charge:

Boostrix Free
Depo-Provera $22.00/dose
Hepatitis A (Avaxim) $55.00 / dose
Engerix $30/dose
Imovox (Rabies) $200.00/dose X 3 doses (must pay for all 3 doses at once)
Japanese Encephalitis $220.00 / dose x 3 doses (must pay for the 3 doses at once)
Menactra/Menveo/Nimenrix $110.00 / dose
Tick-Borne Encephalitis $85.00 / dose x 3 doses (must pay for all 3 doses at once)
Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B combined) $60.00 / dose x 3 doses
Typhim $35.00 / dose
Vivotif Berna L - (Oral Typhoid vaccine) $45.00 / dose
Vivaxim $95.00
Vivotif Berna L - Oral Typhoid $45.00
Varivax (Chicken Pox) Free for now
Yellow Fever Vaccine $140.00 / dose

Gardasil (HPV Vaccine)

$150.00 / dose x 3 doses
Cervarix (HPV Vaccine) $105.00/dose x 3 doses
Hep B $30/dose
Gardasil 9 (HPV Vaccine) $175/dose x 3 doses

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